Coke Break Cake Complete With Ice Cubes

This was just a bored Sunday afternoon experiment! I had just enjoyed McDonald’s and thought up this! Not knowing it would work. But hey presto, it worked!

I completley cleaned and dryed the large sized macdonalds cut and lid and wipped up a simple victoria cake in the oven!

Once the cake was ready and completley cooled i started to cut the cake into disc shapes.

I then started to add the round shaped discs of cake into the cup adding a layer of butter cream inbetween each, and leaving a 3inch gap from the last piece of cake to the rim of the cup!

Now for the tricky and a bit time consuming part:

I then started with my melted milk chocolate, completley covering the top of the cake in the cup waiting for this to completly set and then adding another layer untill i could confendently tip the cup upside down with out the cake falling out.

Inbetween the drying process of the chocolate in the cup i got on with the base and that was a round 5inch cake card.

I started with a big dolop of melted chocolate in the middle of the cake board and again waited for it to dry.

I then used a 7inch food safe wooden kabab stick pushed into the dolop of already set chocolate on the cake board.

I then carryed on with layer after layer after layer of chocolate to cover the stick and also get the hight and to ensure that this was a sold peice of chocolate to support the cup filled with the cake.

I then attached the solid block of chocolate to the cup filled with cake with more melted chocolate and this did take some time.

with this was all completly solid the whole thing stood up as seen in the picture just as i wanted it to!

I then melted some clear mints into a standard ice cube try waited for them to set then again attatched them to the chocolate with more melted chocolate, added the straw, and presto! A McDonald’s Coke drink that actually a chocolatey cake treat for two.



    • Gumpastediva

      Brilliant! Love it!


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